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A message from me to you....

Firstly a big and I mean really BIG thank you to all of you who have watched my films. I am gratefully for all the views . I have now had thousands of views and comments from all around the world. It makes the filming much more fun knowing you are going to watch it...

I have been a photographer for err , a long time! I started making short films much more recently though. About 5 years ago. Currently I am a nurse in Wales where I also live. I have been lucky enough to have travelled extensively photographing birds and wildlife. About ten years ago I started creating a nature reserve in Wales which is the focus of many of films.

There are lots of ways to follow my films and keep up with what I'm doing. The easiest is to subscribe to me on youtube. Ie: while you're watching one of my videos , click "subscribe".. voila! you will now be sent a message everytime I publish a new film.

I'm also on facebook. Here's the link: facebook alex sally

Please call in.......Alex

My wildlife nature reserve in Wales

Crazy snow in spring!!

Peregrines catching starlings

Wild boar in the forest!

My latest films