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"make better video with dslr or camcorder "

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This beginners guide to making video is a 'must read' for anyone with an interest in filming with their camcorder , dslr or compact camera. If just one of the tips in this guide improves your videos, it will prove to be the best value accessory you purchase. With money saving tips and advice on buying and choosing a camcorder or dslr this short guide is full of useful information the novice videographer needs to know. Making videos should be fun and this guide is essential reading whether you are new to making videos or want to make your videos better. This easy to follow guide gives you;

10 (free!) tips and tricks to improve your videos

tips and tricks on filming videos with a camcorder, compact camera or dslr

how to choose the right camera or camcorder

how to make money from youtube

guide to filming wildlife and people

easy step by step instructions on editing and sharing your videos the “no hassle” way

Alex Sally is a photographer and film maker and this book is an essential beginners guide to get you shooting great video! Don't buy a camcorder or camera without reading this money saving guide first!

Most importantly this book can save you money with advice on what is worth buying and what to avoid. Read this no-nonsense guide before spending on your next purchase. Illustrations to accompany this guide are available on Alex Sally's website wildaboutfilms.com


A note

Let me start with a confession. When I started making videos, I made just about every mistake that’s it's possible to make! I could have avoided a lot of frustration if I had had just a bit of good advice. that’s where this guide comes in. I want this to be the book I should have read the day I bought my first camcorder.

The background is that after spending many years with a passion for photography, I set myself the challenge of trying to make wildlife films using a run of the mill, home camcorder. Having learnt many lessons and made many mistakes, I now find that I am often asked questions by people who watch my films. Mostly people want to know what sort of camera to use, or what editing programme to buy. I try and respond to everyone with as much advice as I can. Those answers form the backbone of this guide. My wildlife films are now widely watched on the internet and I have a good idea of the many easy steps you can take to save money, make better videos and have fun doing it. My website of photographs and wildlife films also has videos and tips to compliment this book. Wildaboutfilms.com


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Two books by Alex Sally are now available on kindle .

"The complete wildlife pond"

by Alex Sally

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