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Why have I uploaded two versions of the same video?

I sometimes upload 2 similar versions of a video. For example I might make one version for people who like aerial photography and another that is more wildlife based.This is because I know some people just want to see one thing , like how film from my remote control glider will look.

I often get asked what camera and equipment I use to make my films (there is more on this on the kindle extras page) but increasingly I am using a variety of methods and cameras to give the film a more complete look. My main camera is a 600d canon dslr which almost always has a 300mm lens on. That gives a certain look but for underwater shots I use a gopro with an eye on mine near focus lens. To get the aerial shots (much used in big bbc wildlife  productions) I use a remote control glider with the gopro fixed to it. I use the gopro here with a wide landscape lens. Some of the wildlife and birds I film are elusive and hard to track. For this I use the remote glider to get a view of the landscape from 1000ft high and then employ wildlife cameras to survey an area. The wildlife "hidden" camera is great for really hard to get footage. If it hadn't been for the bushnell camera I would never have known how much herons hunted at night for example!