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Alex sally

The easiest way is facebook...but if you prefer you can e-mail at:


Wild boar in the forest of dean! Click on the video to read more...

Experimenting with poetry and fixing my camera to a remote control glider...

Latest news is...My videos have now had 250,000 views. I hope you'll agree that my videos have come quite a long way, since the early days. I'm trying to film more unusual wildlife and birdlife and have managed a couple of real "one offs" lately. I was (I think) the first to film deer in the cambrians last year and this year I have been the first to film wild pine marten in Wales! It took a lot of hill climbs and a lot of midges :)     If you want to follow my stuff , please subscribe to my youtube channel. Thanks Alex

I love ponds and the wildlife they attract. Currently I am working at solar solutions fountains , providing solar powered pond pumps (often for wildlife ponds where there is no mains electricity). You can visit the solar solutions fountains website     http://www.solarsolutionsfountains.co.uk/      or head over to their facebook page where there is more information on ponds and getting moving water :)